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Software Engineer

Job Description

Software engineers essentially apply the principles of computer science as well as engineering and mathematical analysis in order to design and develop software and systems for a computer. They are also responisble for testing and evaluating their programs and software that they create. They allow for a computer to perform many of their applications and functions such as operating systems, computer games, business applications, and more.

Possible Employers and Job Atmosphere

Software engineers can typically work for government agencies, businesses, and other organizations either as contractors or employees. As with many jobs in engineering, software engineers will be able to work in comfortable environments but may very likely also face stressful times during their work which will include long hours and very tight deadlines that need to be met.

Salaries and Benefits

The average pay for a software engineer can range from $57,052 to $119,520, however the median amount is usually around $80,000. So while it may be a stressful job, the monetary pay off is well worth. Plus, careers in computer and software engineering are rapidly growing as computer networking continues to expand. As a result, globally this is also an occupation that will allow for engineers to easily find employment and opportunities.

Requirements and Qualifications

Most employers will prefer or require at the minimum a bachelor's degree in software engineering or other related field. It is also suggested that one has a background in designing and perfecting software, and other valuable experience. They should be knowledgeable about programming, especially languages such as C++, Java/Java Script, and Python, as well as be able to build different types of software. Skills in mathematics is also a key point in pursuing any career in the field of engineering. Seeking internships and job opportunities would be the next step into becoming a software engineer.

Degree Information